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Royalty Free Music - FAQ

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Where can I legally use your music?
After you purchase our music you are free to use it in *ANY of your projects. Use it as many TIMES as you wish. Use it WHEREVER you wish — on your websites, in your slideshows, for your apps and game development, your podcasts, your event photography & videography, your radio & TV programming. Place your projects on your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, on Myspace, Vimeo, Ning, Google+ and more.
*Cue Sheets are required for broadcast use. Theatrical and Mass-Market use may require special licensing. learn more
What use is prohibited?
Any attempt to resell, distribute or share this music will subject you to immediate potential prosecution. Of course you ARE permitted to sell or distribute your own projects which contain music you purchased from us.
What format should I buy? (mp3, wav or aif)
If you're going to use an application or software program to build your project, simply use that program's default format. If you're going to upload the track to your website's server, use mp3 format. Most audio software uses wav format. High-end video uses aif.
How do I download free Lo-Fi demos for approval?
Here's how —
1. Simply LISTEN to any of our tracks as usual.
2. While the track is playing, look at the bottom of the player for the Lo-Fi link.
3. Right-Click on the link and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" or "Download Linked File As" (Do NOT select "open")
How do Cue Sheets work?
If your projects are for broadcast then you're responsible for informing the broadcaster about the source of the music. You must include the following:

      1. The music TITLE
      2. The composer: Jack Waldenmaier
      3. The publisher: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)

After you inform the broadcaster, it is the Broadcaster's responsibility to file cue sheets with BMI. Broadcasters routinely do this as part of their agreements with performing rights organizations such as BMI & ASCAP.
Cue sheets can be submitted via email here:
What about Mass-Market licensing?
You won't need a Mass-Market license until you sell more than 3000 units of any of your projects containing our music.

For our Mass-Market license you have three simple options:
1. Purchase and download the music AGAIN for EACH additional block of 3000 unit-sales of your product.
2. Pay 2.5% of gross sales of your product, quarterly.
3. Pay $197 flat fee per song for unlimited unit-sales of your product.

Most producers/developers choose option 3 (above) to keep things simple.

To purchase your license(s), simply make your payment here.

The mass-market license fees are In Addition to the purchase of the Music Itself. (View our standard royalty-free licensing arrangement.)
What does the "u" mean? (For example ":60u", ":30u")
"u" means "underscore". Underscores are versions of a track designed for background use. These background tracks typically have their lead instruments removed to allow your "voice-over" announcer to be heard clearly.

Do you accept corporate purchase orders?
Yes. Simply email your details to
How do I open an account with you?
You never need to open an account with us. You simply search, listen, purchase & download directly to your computer.
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