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  • Hassle-free lifetime licensing for use worldwide.
  • Pay once, use it forever.
  • Cue sheets required for broadcast use only.
  • Royalty-free for synchronizations with video and audio productions of all kinds. learn more


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LIVE HELP with Royalty Free Music Downloads or CDs


1. "What is the shipping cost per CD, or for other quantities?"
After you add CDs to your cart, you will be given several shipping options. Select one option, click enter, and view the cost. You can always modify your shipping option before you finalize your order.
2. "My client needs music. How can I make a demo for my client's approval?"
You can download LoFi versions of our music by clicking on the LoFi Link which appears whenever you audition music at our site. Use these LoFi versions for demo purposes only. They are not available for any other use.
3. "I'd like to 'hide' The Music Bakery from my client. Where can my client audition your music without knowing where it comes from?"
Ask your client to audition music at
4. "What do I use to show that I have been licensed to use the music I purchased and downloaded from you?"
You are licensed immediately upon purchase. You'll receive a confirmation via email.
5. "Where can I find your "Links" page?
Simply go here: Links
6. "Recently we purchased some of your royalty-free music for a video project. What are our obligations regarding the closing credits? Is it obligatory for us to credit Music Bakery? Is it necessary to list the songs' title(s)?"
We require credits on any production which is to be broadcasted. Each credit should have the following format: "TITLE" by Jack Waldenmaier, Music Bakery Publishing (BMI).
7. "I have Flash installed on my computer, but the demos are not playing on your site."
If you have flash installed and you have a high-speed internet connection, you should have no problem auditioning our music online. You may be behind a firewall: Disable any firewalls or pop-up killer software.
8. "How does royalty-free work? reporting? cost?"
Simply purchase our CDs or downloads, and use the music in any of your productions forever. If the music is broadcasted, remember to file your cue sheets with BMI as always. (See question 14 below.) All prices are listed next to each product at our website:
9. "In what format are your tracks?
Our CDs are "standard audio" CDs and our downloads are available in WAV, AIF or MP3 format.
10. "I would really like to obtain one track that is listed on one of your Music Bakery CD's. I'm not particularly interested in the other tracks on that CD. Does this track come on any other CD or can it be purchased alone?"
All tracks can be purchased alone simply by purchasing a download from our site. Simply go here: "Music Downloads"
11. "Some tracks are listed as 15u 30u, and the other drop down says Undrsc - what does this mean?"
"u" means "underscore", that is, music with the lead instruments removed for use as music under a voiceover. " undr" means the same thing. 15u and 30u refer to 15-sec and 30-sec underscores.
12. "What CD's would you suggest to be the most suitable for this specific media (phone lines)?"
For on-hold, I would suggest our "Categorized Thematic" CDs.
13. "I am having trouble purchasing music. Our address is a PO box which can cause trouble buying with VISA over the net. Can anything be done by phone or email?"
If you'll send your credit card number, expiration date, address, and which CD's you'd like to order to , I will take care of your order personally. I would recommend that you split your credit card number in 2 halves (2 separate emails) for security reasons.
14. "Are there any further clearances needed by me for the music rights other than the initial purchase?"
Just like all royalty-free music libraries, The Music Bakery's license allows you to use the music you purchase without any further fees to us. You, as producer, are not required to pay BMI fees. Broadcasters already pay these fees. For each program, you simply file a cue sheet with BMI at Be sure to include: 1. The title of each composition you used in your program. 2. The name of the composer: Jack Waldenmaier. 3. The publisher: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)
15. "If I download a single track, what type of file is it downloaded as?"
Our downloads are available in all three major audio formats, WAV, AIF and MP3.
16. "What is the data rate of your mp3s?"
128Kbps. This is high-quality mp3 format.
17. "Where can I find an index of the effects in the Dimension SFX library?"
Simply go here: Dimension SFX index
18. "How can I "buy the rights" to use current/old popular songs?"
You would have to contact the publisher of each recording and negotiate a fee.
19. "I'm looking for some low res music for my web site. How do I go about purchasing the low res file?"
Simply purchase our high-res files, then you can convert them to any lo-res format you wish using any of several programs available free. I use and recommend iTunes.
20. "I was trying to browse your website but the graphics are not loading properly."
If you have Flash installed and have a high-speed internet connection you should have no problem auditioning our music online. If you are behind a firewall, disable it and try again.
21. "I am very impressed with your site and want to put a link to it on my webpage. I was wondering if you had a web banner that I could use to link to your site?"
Simply copy the following code, then paste it into a page on your site:
<a href="">Royalty Free Music</a> Download buyout production music.
If you need a banner, feel free to "grab" our logo from our site.
22. "I was looking on your website, and the latest CD I saw was MusicBakery Vol 40. Is this the most recent Music Bakery CD?"
23. "Do you accept corporate purchase orders?"
24. "I would like to purchase some of your music, but I do not have an account with you. How do I go about setting one up?"
You don't have to open an account with us. Simply visit our site at which is completely search enabled. Order online for quick delivery on CD, or purchase immediate downloads! For friendly, personalized service call Kelly at 800-229-0313 Monday-Friday.
25. "We would like to order CDs with our selections from your repertoire instead of your CDs which have predefined recordings. Is this possible?"
Yes, you may order individual selections and have them placed on a CD. The price for each selection is the same as for an individual downloads, and will be in "standard CD-audio" format. To order your custom CD, simply call Kelly at 800-229-0313. She'll be happy to help you with your order. Or, if you wish, you can send an email to me containing the selection titles, durations, your address, and your credit card information, and I will get your CD put together and mailed out right away, personally.
26. "What is the approximate file size of a 15 and also 30 second piece?"
The filesize for MP3 format is approximately 1MB/minute. 15 seconds = 250KB 30 seconds = 500KB
The filesize for WAV and AIF formats is approximately 10MB/minute. 15 seconds = 2.5MB 30 seconds = 5MB
27. "Are the downloads burnable to CD?"
They certainly are. You can burn them to CD in any format. If you prefer the "standard audio-cd" format, be sure to select that format within your CD burning software program.
28. "Is it possible to buy your beds in all three formats: WAV, AIF and MP3?"
Yes. Simply go here: "Music Downloads"
29. "Is it possible to setup accounts to download your music at any time I desire? Is it also possible to setup an account for later billing to me for payment if I need to download files as I need them yesterday type situations? Can I pay with Money Orders or you deal strictly in Credit Cards purchases?"
You can now download at any time with a credit card or any checking account. Delayed billing for downloads is possible during business hours only. However, you'll need to call Kelly (800-229-0313) and have her manually email the file to you. She will do this if you have established an account with us.

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