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Royalty Free Music - SEARCH TIPS

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What "search terms" are best to use?
We suggest starting with the broadest descriptive terms such as "happy", "sad", "rock", or "jazz", etc. But you can also use highly descriptive words like "melancholy", "sly", or "swank".
How do I search by tempo?
Simply use any of the following: "Slow", "Moderate", "Up-Tempo", and "Fast". For tracks whose tempos change use "Varied".
I have a Track Number. How do I find its Title?
Every track you purchase from us will have a filename containing the term "MusicBakery", followed by Eight Digits, followed by some final letters. Simply type the Last Six of the eight digits into our search box.
When searching, may I use "wild cards" or special functions?
Yes. For example, you can place a title within quotation marks to force the return of only that title (or any words which occur in only that specific order).
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