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Royalty Free Music Album 41 from THE MUSIC BAKERY

The Music Bakery

ALBUM 41  

Creativity! — World Travel


Four exciting categories:

— Creativity! (4 titles)
— World Travel (2 titles)
— Storytelling (3 titles)

98 tracks in all.

• Every track is licensed Royalty Free Music.
• Download this Entire Album instantly.
Reg. $299 Now Only $147. (Special discount pricing currently in effect.)


Contents of this album:

Listen »ADIRONDACK – Fresh air, gentle breezes and a relaxed atmosphere are created by laid back guitars, flute-like ocarinas, subtle piano, and mallet percussion. (14 tracks)
Listen »DROID OVERDRIVE – Royalty free music depicting androids living deep in the scene-shifting static of another world, gathering and coming apart. Machines with voices, droning tones, weird sighs and mysterious whispers. (6 tracks)
Listen »ESOTERICA – Enter an ageless and enigmatic world that’s misty with mystery. Peruvian pipes, ritualistic chimes, distant chanting voices and a powerful bass weave an ancient, spiritual texture that’s all royalty free music. (11 tracks)
Listen »BAD BOYS – Royalty free high-energy sports action featuring two rockin’ guitar monsters. Screamin’ lead, distorted overdrive and classic power chords keep you riveted to the road, riding the wave or running the slope. (12 tracks)
World Travel
Listen »TANGO ARGENTINA – A new and genuine royalty free Tango with passionate violin, percussive piano and bandoneon. You’ll swear you’re at a milonga in Buenos Aires with flashing hats, high heels and fishnet stockings. (9 tracks)
Listen »NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Global organic life. A royalty free acoustical network of natural percussion gradually mutates and blossoms into new realms of nature, science and modern life. Wooden pipes, hand drums and marimbas warm the robotic pulse. (10 tracks)
Listen »WAR GAMES – Military combat, SWAT teams and Special Ops against warlords, destructive forces and violence. It’s royalty free music with grunge guitars, intergalactic synths and shock-treatment drumming for video games, crime dramas, documentaries, news reports and action-adventure movies. (12 tracks)
Listen »LONELY STREETS – A haunting sax carrying sweet memories on a nostalgic royalty free stroll accompanied by sensitive percussion and warm piano. (12 tracks)
Listen »RUNNING SCARED – Otherworldly echoes, long howling and insistent percussion accelerating the anxiety of being relentlessly hunted by the ghost of a future warrior. (12 tracks)
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