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Royalty Free Music Album 42 from THE MUSIC BAKERY

The Music Bakery

ALBUM 42  

Action / Drama — Background Grooves
Retro! — Solo Piano


Four exciting categories:

— Action / Drama (3 titles)
— Background Grooves (3 titles)
— Retro! (2 titles)
— Solo Piano (2 titles)

59 tracks in all.

• Every track is licensed Royalty Free Music.
• Download this Entire Album instantly.
Reg. $299 Now Only $147. (Special discount pricing currently in effect.)


Contents of this album:

Action / Drama
Listen »AGENT ADAM – Royalty free music that’s filled with dramatic tension and mystery. Investigation, intrigue and unseen forces rule the day. (8 tracks)
Listen »MARATHON – Incessant pursuit. Royalty free music filled with chase scenes, night streets, aerobic sports, thrill rides or dramatic situations. (5 tracks)
Listen »NO WAY OUT – A dramatic build of powerful royalty free intensity. Foreboding dread in drumming and dark brass. Makes bold statements without being disruptive. (6 tracks)
Background Grooves
Listen »CLOCKWORK – Solid and steady rhythm track of royalty free music. A pleasant underscore continuously unfolding bright visions. Positive and inviting. (5 tracks)
Listen »DREAM SPHERES – Electronica groove. A fluid and transparent techno underscore of royalty free music. A versatile underscore that stays out of the way of your voice-overs. (4 tracks)
Listen »GOLDEN MOMENT – Lyrical and futuristic royalty free music. Light melodies over a rhythmic pulse. The perfect background track for many applications. (5 tracks)
Listen »SIZZLE – 80’s Disco. Give her a hot groove and watch her prance the catwalk in this royalty free music track. Groovy, steady and unrelenting. (4 tracks)
Listen »BELL BOTTOMS – Royalty free 70’s Disco music. Lots of sass and wawa from the guitar. Bubbly keyboard and rock solid percussion. Slightly campy and lots of fun. (6 tracks)
Solo Piano
Listen »QUIET NIGHT – Sweetly reverent, this expressive royalty free piano music conveys grandeur while tenderly beckoning the listener into meditative loveliness. Includes the Christmas song, O Holy Night. (5 tracks with Christmas song, 3 tracks without)
Listen »EXCITING FINALE – A romping royalty free piano composition with some intense, rhythmic elements. It finally resolves into triumphant traditional luscious block chords. Includes the Christmas song, O Come All Ye Faithful. (4 tracks with Christmas song, 4 tracks without)
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