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Royalty Free Music Album 43 from THE MUSIC BAKERY

The Music Bakery

ALBUM 43  

Orchestral Toolbox — Positive Backgrounds
Jazz Piano — Scary Stuff


Four exciting categories:

— Orchestral Toolbox (1 title with variations)
— Positive Backgrounds (2 titles)
— Jazz Piano (3 titles)
— Scary Stuff (2 titles)

59 tracks in all.

• Every track is licensed Royalty Free Music.
• Download this Entire Album instantly.
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Contents of this album:

Orchestral Toolbox
Use the full-length version of this royalty free composition along with any of the following separated themes:
STORYTIME from Enchanted Fantasy – Once upon a time in anticipation.
CARTOONS from Enchanted Fantasy – Characters pop up, scamper in, sneak by, draw near and settle down.
DANCING SHOES from Enchanted Fantasy – Light-footed dancers take the platform.
JOLLY CREW from Enchanted Fantasy – Sailors gather on the deck and play a light hornpipe with oboe and piccolo.
THE KING from Enchanted Fantasy – A royal fanfare from the castle’s drums and brass.
BUSY BEE from Enchanted Fantasy – Workers do the job then suddenly scatter away.
TICKER TAPE from Enchanted Fantasy – The news flashes in with urgency.
WINK from Enchanted Fantasy – Saucy advance with a flirtatious glance.
DAWN from Enchanted Fantasy – Morning birdsongs turn into an unexpected mystery.
TEMPTATION from Enchanted Fantasy – A taste of Tango turns into a “who-done-it.”
PIROUETTES from Enchanted Fantasy – Ballet dancers effortlessly circle the stage.
TOUGH CUSTOMER from Enchanted Fantasy – The villain approaches inexorably but ends up saving the day. (13 tracks)
Positive Backgrounds
Listen »GRAB IT QUICK – Business is good. Royalty free music featuring piano fingers as sparkling as the guitar pickin’ breezing down the information superhighway. (14 tracks)
Listen »SUPER SMOOTH – Smooth goin’ royalty free music. Creative guitars with colorful pianos. Confident, alert, inventive, this track works beautifully well nearly anywhere. (8 tracks)
Jazz Piano
Listen »PAPERBACK SQUARE – Tickling the keys and slappin’ the bass in the classic standards style, all royalty free. A moderately-paced background track with lots of versatiliy. (4 tracks)
Listen »DOUBLE DUTCH – Jump, jive and high five to celebrate being alive, royalty free. A solo piano takes the spotlight with charm and witty jazz licks. (4 tracks)
Listen »BLUE STREAK – Just try to keep up with the royalty free streams of notes pouring out fast and furious. A virtuoso pianist shows off his stuff. (4 tracks)
Scary Stuff
Listen »FILMSCORE HORROR – Orchestral journey with unexpected turns, inexorable chases, a private-eye romance, imminent danger, and a stake-out gone wrong, 100% royalty free. (6 tracks)
Listen »SCI-FI DEMONS – Monsters quietly stalking intergalactic sewers while robots malfunction on a starship stalked and compromised, all royalty free. (6 tracks)
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