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Royalty Free Music Album 44 from THE MUSIC BAKERY

The Music Bakery

ALBUM 44  

Cool Backgrounds — Dance / Club
Children — New Latin


Four exciting categories:

— Cool Backgrounds (3 titles)
— Dance / Club (2 titles)
— Children (3 titles)
— New Latin (2 titles)

55 tracks in all.

• Every track is licensed Royalty Free Music.
• Download this Entire Album instantly.
Reg. $299 Now Only $147. (Special discount pricing currently in effect.)


Contents of this album:

Cool Backgrounds
Listen »REFLECTIVE MONTAGE – A cool, pensive and exotic background track of royalty free music. Evokes picturesque imagery and deep contemplation while time passes like sand through an hourglass. (6 tracks)
Listen »KEEP YOUR COOL – Mysterious and sexy reggae rhythms in a lonely, cool, fashion-conscious international world-beat style. Haunting night shadows, seductive vocals, all royalty free music. (7 tracks)
Listen »FRESH NEW LOOK – Pure, certain and strong royalty free music. Celebrate home and family with this back-to-basics clean and natural picture of wholesome pride and confidence in a new day. (5 tracks)
Dance / Club
Listen »FASHION ACTION – Hot action in high fashion royalty free music. Picture over-confident jet-setters with just the right look of mystery. Add a touch of techno vocal to the groove and shake well. (5 tracks)
Listen »BUMP – Insistent, incessant, insatiable royalty free Euro-dance trance with relentless pumping and pounding for dark chase scenes or elite fashion shows with rave attitude and style. (5 tracks)
Listen »LITTLE FRIENDS – The wide-eyed wonder of sweet and precious innocence. Royalty free music that’s a tender, playful orchestral fantasy for the family’s youngest darlings. (6 tracks)
Listen »HOME ALONE – Spooky monsters creeping in the shadows. Witches and goblins from the haunted house on Halloween. Is it just your imagination? Ask your fairy godmother what goes bump in the night. It’s all royalty free music. (5 tracks)
Listen »TOY BOXES – Playtime laughter and smiles, all royalty free. Picture wind-up toys, stuffed animals, building blocks, unicorns, rainbows, fairy tales, playing house or even tea parties on the lawn. (5 tracks)
New Latin
Listen »IBERIAN HEAT – A throbbingly hot royalty free Spanish dance with sprinklings of middle eastern flavor and world beat cultural connections. Maracas and timbales accent aptly. (5 tracks)
Listen »TEARS IN RAIN – Sad and lonely royalty free music. Maybe the lost dreams of a weary traveler in far-away places. Or the dark nostalgic mystery of a hidden secret. (6 tracks)
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