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“I just received the latest release from The Music Bakery, and once again I was impressed with the incredible quality and variety you produce. I now have 12 of your CDs.”

“Before I discovered you, I bought several CDs from other buy-out services. But now, whenever I need music for a project, I always reach for my Music Bakery stack first.”

“I was a musician long before I became a video producer, so that’s why I guess I’m a little more picky about the music I use. Your pieces are always good “musically” as well as working well with video. I even enjoy listening to some of the cuts just for listening’s sake!”

“I hate the canned sounds one gets from so many other buy-out libraries, so I appreciate the fact that you use live musicians. Anyway, just thought I’d send you this note of thanks. Keep up the great work!”

-Rob Neidig
Video Expressions, Eugene, OR

“Jack, I just received the June 98 CD in the mail today. Here’s my story. I entered one of my half hour local TV productions called Ocean Trek in the 98 Videography awards and it got an award of distinction for the best in it’s category. It had Music Bakery material from beginning to end.”

“I leave on the next excursion to La Paz on the Baja Peninsula on the 24th October where I’ll be shooting the underwater footage for the production I plan to enter for next year’s awards.”

“Then this morning, your June 98 issue arrived. I gave each track a quick listen and lo & behold, track 28 just jumped right out and grabbed me. This was what I’d been looking for. The depth of base tones and mixability with bubbles as the camera moves through the coral canyons……I can see it all now….I’ve got next years awards in the bag.”

“Your discs just keep getting better and better…..this one track alone is worth the price of the whole CD as far as I’m concerned. Once again, a million thank-you’s.”

-Ian Sutherland
Ocean Safari Productions, Winnipeg Manitoba

“Wow, what a treat to get these discs every other month. Top quality work, kids! The Music Bakery has been a blessing and our productions never sounded better. Keep sending those great discs.”

-Gregg Rivers & Jason Aldridge
Power 92 Productions

“I just received my December ’95 disc and, as always, it was great. You know I’ve been with you since April 1990 and used your first disc to score a training & recruiting video for PicNPay Shoes. Since then, I’ve used your music in productions for Norfolk Southern Railroad, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Cub Foods and many others.”

“Your music is truly fresh. I used a cut the other day from one of your 1992 discs and my customer’s response was ‘That doesn’t sound like library music!’ Jack, keep up the good work and I look forward to another six years of fine production music.”

-Philipp W. Erhardt
CIN Services, Charlotte, NC

“Dear Music Bakery, thanks for saving the day. I needed a piece of music appropriate for a slide show presentation. I had heard many good things about The Music Bakery, and sure enough, you came through! It was the perfect selection. I look forward to many more goodies from your Bakery.”

-Ed Pohlman
VideoWorks, Toledo, OH

“Thanks for the great music on the June and August ’95 discs! We message-on-hold producers really hit the jackpot on these. Your music is more acoustic and more “alive” than ever. Keep it up!”

-Tom Montalbano
LI Message-On-Hold Productions, Long Island, NY

“I really enjoy using your music in my productions. Recently I have branched out into photo transfer to video with your music and narration. It really feels good to create something special for my clients, and your music helps a great deal to set the mood.”

-Bruce Barton
Video With A Flair, Rockford, IL

“Dear Jack, thank you for all the GREAT music. I only use Music Bakery cuts in all of my videos!”

-Mark Roberts
Intersign, Houston, TX

“Please pass along to the producer that I am very pleased with the new releases and that I think they get better and better with each issue. Thank you for giving us such great music at such a reasonable price.”

-Frank J. Morelli
4 Star Productions, Bedminster, NJ

“Thank you so much for helping to make my presentation for the Association of Medical Illustrators’ 50th Annual Meeting a success, through the use of your excellent music. If you ever need a testimonial about your music, don’t hesitate to call me.”

-Teri McDermott, M.A.
American Association of Medical Illustrators, Elgin, IL

“It’s amazing how many times The Music Bakery seems like it was written specifically for the productions I’m doing. The February ’95 CD came just as I was starting to edit the tape and it was like a prayer answered. I really appreciate your work.”

-Steve Waltner
Creative Video Production, Tustin, CA

“Many, many thanks to you for all the really great music in The Music Bakery Library – Sensational! For lack of better words, will WOW do? My business is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am sure some of my success is due to your great music. Love it! Keep cookin’!”

-Elizabeth Lautner
Custom Video Service, Victoria, TX

“You really nailed it on your December ’94 disc. This has just the sort of short hot elements I’ve needed. And it’s so great that they all blend together so well. I applaud your creativity and your diversity as well as your ability to offer your CDs at such an affordable price. Thanks again.”

-Randy Reeves
Voice At Large, Lilburn, GA

“Having listened to your Demo, I now plan to buy a lot more than originally planned. This is wonderfully composed production music.”

-Kris Semchych
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Your music is excellent!! It’s the most professionally produced, high quality music I have heard to date!! More, more, more! Thanks for a quality product at a very fair price.”

-John Berg
O.R.V. Productions, Libertyville, IL

“Your descriptions of the music are always intriguing. Moreover, they are accurate, and that’s a big help when I’m auditioning them for a particular purpose. Your music helped me win my election to the post of Treasurer of the City of Falls Church, Virginia. We had two weeks from inception to finished product, and we did it with your music furnishing just the right background.”

-H. Robert Morrison
Treasurer, City of Falls Church, VA

“I couldn’t do without your service. The Music Bakery is perfect for my needs, and far superior in execution, format, and price than any other service I’ve seen or used.”

-Jim Morrison
Video Visions, Friday Harbor, WA

“The Music Bakery is a major, probably THE major source of background music for our audio productions. The breadth and quality of your work is exceptional.”

-Rod Schwartz, President
Grace Broadcast Sales, Pullman, WA

“The Music Bakery has provided just the touch I needed in a production time after time, and to be honest, I also look forward to receiving your CDs so that I can play them and just listen to them as music for music’s sake – they are that good!”

-Curtis Cox
Chalumette, LA

“Keep up the great work! You are making our productions and concepts a dream come true.”

-Darrel Suta
Glenn Glenn Productions, Houston, TX

“I would like to compliment you for creating such wonderfully versatile and professional sounding music packages. Please keep the music flowing. You have a fantastic service!”

-Bill Ladd
Manassas, VA

“I’m always amazed that you can write material that fits my edited videos so well. Keep up the good work. Your library is our mainstay when clients arrive here and need music. It has withstood their demands and continues to deliver.”

-Jim L. Bowman
Elizabethtown, PA

“I was extremely pleased with how easily all the music edits flowed together. It was an easy and enjoyable task! I’ll be building an exclusive library of your productions.”

-Roger Roth
Underwater Video Productions, Cincinnati, OH

“It’s always a pleasurable experience to encounter people of your caliber whom I know I will enjoy dealing with in the future. The insight you gave me into your business operations impressed me even more than the incredible creative talent you possess. Count on me to be a staunch advocate.”

-Rick Warnken
Warnken Productions, Hurst, TX

“Dear Bakers: Thanks for the continuing quality of The Music Bakery. After years of searching other needledrop sources, with regular frustration (I’m picky, OK?), I’ve found many, many useful cuts on your collections. Thanks for a consistently good product.”

-Steve Beck, Vice-President, Creative Director
Paulsen Advertising, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD

“Just when we thought we had heard everything that could be done with holiday music, along comes your latest “batch” and what a nice surprise. Once again we’ll be able to use every cut. The renditions are just right.”

-George White
George White Productions, Port Orange, FL

“Without question, The Music Bakery is the finest music library offered in the world today.”

-Ray Olech
Ray Olech Productions, Orlando, FL

“The price is right and we really like this latest CD. Can’t wait to use it on a hot new project! We are still getting mileage out of the last seven CDs that we have. Keep bakin’ up the music – we love it.”

-D. Cassidy
Phillips Cassidy Video Production, Park City, UT

“The Music Bakery is the only library I use or recommend, period. The quality of your work is so far above the other libraries that I’ve set them entirely aside.”

-Tom Yager
Yager Multimedia Productions, Fort Worth, TX

“My favorite production music CDs of all time! Absolutely fantastic!”

-John Bartus, Producer
Radio Active, Marathon Shores, FL

“In my forty years of radio and television production I have never been more pleased with a music service. Month after month The Music Bakery delivers fresh and exciting music for our projects. Thanks for being there!”

-Jon Burkhart, Communications Director
University of Hawaii, Maui, HI

“Your sound quality is gorgeous, and the variety is great! There’s nothing that competes with the quality and the price of The Music Bakery!”

-Ken Steele, Director
Radio Partners, San Francisco, CA

“We have used more cuts from our Music Bakery releases than from all other sources combined. We certainly appreciate the variety of selections and running times, and the quality is excellent.”

-Beverly A. Long, President
LTS Productions, Lansing, MI

“The Music Bakery is, by far, the best deal in the business. We’re always looking forward to your new releases.”

-Harley Toberman
Toby’s Tunes, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

“One of your competitors called me to see if I was interested in their needle-drop music. I told them I use The Music Bakery and that I didn’t need their music. The woman on the phone agreed that yours is the best buy-out library. So, even the other guys know you’re good!”

-Robert Houser
R.A.H. Productions, Costa Mesa, CA

“I have listened to demo cassettes and CDs until my ears were numb! And to add insult to injury, they all sounded very much alike. Then your Music Bakery CD came! Wonderful, wonderful! This is exactly what I had been searching for. Thank you again, sincerely.”

-Dwayne Case
Case Custom, Orem, UT

“Thanks for The Music Bakery. This music ranks up there with the best I’ve ever heard. It’s clean, very well written and diverse. Thanks again.”

-Bob Vance
Bob Vance Produces, Houston, TX

“I played a Music Bakery CD for a client and it sold my video! Several persons on the committee wanted copies to play in their cars. Your music is alive!”

-Arvine Kindinger
AJK Video Productions, Bucyrus, OH

“I have purchased all of your CDs except one, and I am very pleased with the material and the price. There is no doubt that your CDs produce More Bang for the Buck.”

-Curtis P. Bauer
C&E Video, Bel Air, MD

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